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Day One and I’m already sleep deprived …

Day 1 of National Novel Writing Month and obviously my brain was overeager. It woke me up at 5am to start writing. I crawled out of bed managed 3,179 words before crawling back into bed for a couple more hours sleep. At least the writing went really smoothly. Hopefully I can look forward to that every day though I’m not holding my breath.


The headaches have been back today but that is probably due to the sleep deprivation. I only have a couple of days to go before I can start taking another Gabapentin tablet in the middle of the day and see if that helps me reduce the headaches.


I spent this afternoon catching up on my emails to fellow nano-ers. Hopefully I’ll be chatting backwards and forwards throughout the month to get and encouragement and support. The middle of the month is always a tough writing time so hopefully we can get each other through.


Otherwise it has been a quiet day, apart from the rain lashing the windows. Now I’m off to bed to catch up on some sleep before my sister comes home and demands I watch TV with her.


Hours Sleep Today so far : – 7 hours in 2 sessions 😦
Headache intensity / pain level : 3 😦
Nausea level : 0 😀
Joint / muscle pain : 2 😀
Fatigue : 5 😐
Brain Fog : 5 😐


Open and shut …

Open University M363 Tutorial

Wonderful but exhausting. I slept on the way home which is very rare for me and then had fours asleep as soon as I could stumble into bed. I find the face-to-face tutorial extremely useful for the exam revision. I wish we had been able to go a bit more in-depth with the exam question analysis but what we did was helpful. I was able to get some of my quibbles answered regarding my final assignment so I shall be fiddling tomorrow and then submitting as soon as possible.


National Novel Writing Month

I had honest to goodness tears in my eyes as I validated my novel yesterday. I made it! 31 days of thinking about my novel everyday, supporting my fellow campers and here I am a successful National Novel Writing Monthwriter.

I’m a winner!

This is me hitting the 50,000 word bullseye

My total word count for this month came to 50, 802 words. I did cheat slightly. I’ve been using acronyms for a lot of my military characters like DHMI for Deputy Head of Military Intelligence to save my fingers as I write. But this morning I went into Search and Replace and put in all the full names so I increased my word count without actually writing. Of course on the re-write I am going to have to think of actual names for all these people. They can’t just be job titles forever!


Hours Sleep Today so far : – 8 hours in 2 sessions 😦
Headache intensity / pain level : 5 😐
Nausea level : 0 😀
Joint / muscle pain : 2 😀
Fatigue : 5.5 😐
Brain Fog : 5 😐

Look like a porcupine day …

Tired day today. I was off to be poked with needles this afternoon.


I was up at my customary dawn hour. Since I was up I put my time to good use. Writing was like pulling teeth this morning. At 750 words I thought I was taking pliers to my teeth. At 1200 words I thought someone was raking nails across my brain. Then the next time I checked I was on 2500 words! Sometimes you just have to fight through to find the sweet spot. I’m am not just 30 words off 60,000 total word count. I thought about pushing on but I was too tired this morning. I went to crawl into bed for a couple more hours sleep.


I got up to my alarm to take my tablets at midday. I was incredibly disorientated. I had a really vivid dream involving having sharp aching pain in my abdomen, and being in a hospital ward. I think my brain is finally starting to process the events with my sister only two weeks ago.


I did get some reading down after acupuncture but non-fiction. I am working my way through books on writing advice. Today I finished:


Hours Sleep Today so far : – 8 hours in 2 sessions 😦
Headache intensity / pain level : 5 😦
Nausea level : 0 😀
Joint / muscle pain : 3 🙂
Fatigue : 6.5 😦
Brain Fog : 5.5 🙂

Tiggy, Tiggy burning bright …

Houdini reincarnated

My cat, Tiggy, has been getting thinner for a while now and so we finally bit the bullet and made the 10 minute drive to the vet yesterday. She was an absolute darling on the table, spent the examination rubbing up against the vet and me. But she really doesn’t like the car and meowed piteously the whole way there and back. She was fine once she was in her box but getting her in earned me a big scratch across my hand where she swiped me by accident trying to get her paws back out of the cat box – again ! The vet just eased her back in the box like nothing had happened. She was like Houdini when I tried ! 😉
Looks like she might have kidney or thyroid problems. She is quite old, 10 years, so it is not unexpected at this point. We just have to wait for the blood test results to come back on Monday and then we’ll see whether we will be forcing tablets down her throat regularly. I may end up covered in stripes! 😦


Made my word count!! 🙂 It’s been a day for naps today. Everyone ended up going back to bed for at least a couple of hours today. I’m still sleeping in short stints so I was up til 5am then slept from 9am til 13:00. It is working out well to aid my writing as I can get a couple of hours writing in early in the morning when everyone is asleep so there are no interruptions or distractions.
I made myself cry today. I had to write finally(!) the scene showing the deaths of Jasmine’s, my young female heroine’s, mother and sister who have been held captive for over a month by the evil invaders. It is actually a very peaceful scene as they commit suicide by swallowing a special poison but Jasmine is watching it in a vision. She gets a graphic view of all their injuries but can’t speak or touch them. In fact because it is a vision she can’t scream, or cry, or move at will at all. So she is held immobile watching it all unfold. I think it was the fact she can’t scream or cry that is the most disturbing element.
My poor Jasmine – she has no idea. It is only going to get worse in terms of what her visions show her.
Hours Sleep Today so far : – 8 hours in 2 sessions 😐
Headache intensity / pain level : 2 🙂
Nausea level : 0 😀
Joint / muscle pain : 2 😀
Fatigue : 6 😦
Brain Fog : 6 😦

Where is a poisoned spindle when you need it …

I want some liquid morphine. My sister got some why can’t I? The headache is appalling today. I’m barely sleeping – only an hour or two at a go. I’ve been tossing back the painkillers every four hours.


I did manage to use my hours in the dark to mull over my next scenes. Looks like my characters are trying to go off on their own plot again. I’ve decided to let have their way for now but they will listen to me later. We have plot points to hit!


I’ve been enjoying the diving and equestrian today. I can potter on my computer and see the TV out of the corner of my eye so I can look up for the good moments. I got very distracted by the diving though. Eye candy anyone?


Hours Sleep Today so far : – 5 hours in 2 sessions 😦 😦
Headache intensity / pain level : 9 😦 😦
Nausea level : 5 😦
Joint / muscle pain : 4 😦
Fatigue : 6.5 😦
Brain Fog : 4.5 🙂

Ahh, not the lurgy monster again …

I don’t know why I bother crawling out of bed some days. Today I’ve been wrestling with the lurgy monster. I’ve come down with a cold: sore throat, nausea, severe migraine, chills and flushes. It’s been a day of chucking back the painkillers and hiding in the dark.


Given that sleep has been pretty difficult I was up at 05:00 this morning and typing away. I managed to get two scenes written today. I haven’t quite figured out how to finish one scene. I’ve kinda just stopped but that is what the editing process is for. Final word count today is 43, 750 words. Chapter 18 is probably done for now so I shall move onto Chapter 19.  It was slow writing today. I’m writing the scenes showing the horrors of the invading army’s occupation. It is pretty hard going in places. I’ll be glad to get back to events in the capital and the politics – even though I’ve been dreading it!


My sister is looking up. She is walking around reasonably spritely and not tossing the painkillers back. So I’ve taken back my title as ‘the sick one’.


Hours Sleep Today so far : – 7 hours in 2 sessions 😦
Headache intensity / pain level : 7.5 😦
Nausea level : 5 😦
Joint / muscle pain : 3 🙂
Fatigue : 8 😦
Brain Fog : 8 😦

Fascinating eyelids and mad scientists…

Slow day today. Been curled up in bed studying my eyelids or watching TV. My sister was home today so she ‘encouraged’ me to watch Once Upon A Time and The Closer. I spent most of the rest of the time curled up in the dark. The headache has been persistent over the last couple of days. Today a mad scientist was using a laser to cut circles into the bone beside my eyes and on top of my skull, while using a scalpel to slice up the center of my forehead and holding my head in place with probes spearing into my skin behind my ears.


I did manage to get a scene in my book written this morning at 06:30 !! I’m still not sleeping well 😦 35,042 words as of this morning. 🙂


I finished reading The NORTAV Method which I found thoroughly enjoyable and a fascinating read. I also read the free novel NaNo for the New and the Insane which gives some tips and hints for taking part in the National Novel Writing Month.


Hours Sleep Today so far : – 8 hours in 2 sessions 😦
Headache intensity / pain level : 6 😦
Nausea level : 0 😀
Joint / muscle pain : 2 😀
Fatigue : 5 😐
Brain Fog : 3.5 🙂