Mind the sinkhole websites …

I spent far too long on the NaNoWriMo forums today. I dragged myself to the dentist to get the last of my fillings, yeah! 🙂 I then spent 4 hours pottering about on the internet when I got back. I should have gone straight to bed but I kept getting sucked into another post ! Worse I found a new website to get sucked in by – www.superheronation.com

The website contains a great set of writing guides which had me absorbed for hours ! I worked my way through:

You can see why I got stuck on the internet for far too long today!

Before I got stuck in the sinkhole of forums I did manage to get some plotting work done on my novel. I went and found a piece of free timeline software which will allow me to keep track of where everyone is across three story arcs. I’m not actually including the villains much in direct text but their actions affect everyone so I need to know what they are doing and when. It is especially useful because I need to know when certain parts of the campaign happen so I know when the news would reach my characters. I can’t have them reacting when it hasn’t happened yet or a week too late ! I don’t think I’ll actually use a date system in my book but it helps me keep track of the time between events i.e. traveling between cities takes time.

I started reading Elizabeth George’s Write Away: One Novelist’s Approach To Fiction and the Writing Life while hanging around at the dentist’s. I’m not very far in but I am enjoying it so far. I really must get back into reading fiction again. I’ve been off the boil for the last week or so. I shall make a determined effort to read a J.D. Robb or Lois McMaster Bujold tonight or tomorrow to keep my hand in. Also I really must get back to doing some Open University work but I still have the interview to transcribe for my mum, boo! 😦 Maybe tomorrow / today I will be more productive.

Hours Sleep Today so far : – 11 hours in 2 sessions 😐
Headache intensity / pain level : 3 🙂
Nausea level : 0 😀
Joint / muscle pain : 1 😀
Fatigue : 5 😐
Brain Fog : 4 🙂

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